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Founded by three brothers John, William, and Thomas, the Loake family business has been making traditional shoes in Northamptonshire, England since 1880. Today, 140 years later, the Loake's family's legacy as manufacturers of fine footwear lives on.

From the design bench to the finishing room, each pair of Loake shoes is carefully crafted with an uncompromising attention-to-detail and infused with the individual flair, personality, and magic of our dedicated makers. 

The famous Goodyear construction for which they are known is a traditional and intricate process, with origins that can be traced back over 300 years. Each pair takes up to 8 weeks to produce.

Despite their notable heritage, however, Loake is very much a forward-looking company. From championing high quality materials and constructions that are built-to-last, to offering expert shoe care advice and an in-house repairs service, they strongly believe if you look after your shoes, they'll look after you.

Their sustainable journey has also seen Loake actively explore new approaches to further improve its footprint and impact on the planet around us. 

Loake's aim is simple: to craft the most timeless, comfortable, and durable shoes for everyday wear and special occasions. Over the past few years, Loake have complemented our classic designs with a range of luxury casuals. So, whatever, you're doing, if you want to make a good impression, the smart choice will always be a pair of Loake shoes.

Loake Shoemakers: Timeless Style, Built to Last

Loake Shoemakers

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