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Trending Artworks: Landscapes and Places

Embrace the beauty of trending landscape art, where nature's grandeur meets the boundless imagination of the artistic mind.

Step into a realm where nature's splendour intertwines with artistic mastery. Our collection of trending landscape art beckons each piece a symphony of colour, light, and emotion. Experience the allure of contemporary interpretations, where traditional techniques meet avant-garde vision. From sweeping vistas to intimate portraits of wilderness, immerse yourself in the ever-evolving dialogue between artist and environment.

With the enigmatic allure of modern landscapes, where every brushstroke tells a story and every canvas invites exploration and whether you seek tranquillity amidst serene pastures or the exhilaration of untamed wilderness, our curated selection offers something to captivate every collector.

Particles of Light by Richard Rowan £850.00

'Particles of Light' is based on the Scottish Highlands, which inspired the artist after a trip with his family exploring the beauty around the Isle of Skye and Dornie. As an ode to the artist's awe at the size of the universe and how beautiful it is, this piece was titled during the process of painting, in which him and his children were discussing how the universe is made up of tiny particles and the stars are burning balls of light trillions of kilometres away.

We Could Be Ghosts by Lawrence Coulson £795.00

"'We Could Be Ghosts' and 'The Trees of Time' are an exploration into the world of monochrome," he explains. "As an artist known for my use of colour to portray atmosphere and mood they represent quite a departure. They employ tone and texture to dictate the sense of stillness and calm one finds when losing yourself in woodland - something I try to do as often as possible. It's a total contrast to the solace found on a wide empty shoreline but I find it just as comforting.

Golden Gate Bridge by Bob Dylan £3,950.00

Released as part of Bob Dylan's 2023 The Beaten Path collection and exclusively to Castle Fine Art, 'Golden Gate Bridge' depicts the famous San Francisco bridge in a foggy landscape with a muted colour palette.

The Beaten Pathis Dylan's visual chronicle of American scenery depicting iconic images as he traces the heartland of the country. Featuring epic cityscapes alongside humble roadside motels as well as boundless, limitless railroads, this carefully curated collection of artwork offers a view into some of the most pivotal and powerful images of Dylan's ongoing series which explores and celebrates the American landscape.

Sunset Bliss by Paul Kenton £1,495.00

Much like the unpredictability of the ocean, Paul Kenton creates his seascape artworks with a spontaneous energy and fluidity that allows him to mimic the primal beauty of the sea. Rather than a still moment in time, Paul tries to capture a sequence of movements in his landscapes by "painting freely, and applying the paint fast, so that it will drip onto sections of the painting". The result is a hypnotising and beautiful artwork similar to that of the Impressionist painters of the 19th century, who were praised by history for their art that captured the energy and atmosphere of landscapes.

Santa Maria Della Salute from Hotel Balcony In The Style Of Claude Monet, 1908 by John Myatt £35,000.00

"Santa Maria Della Salute From Hotel Balcony In The Style Of Claude Monet, 1908" features a picturesque landscape of Venice in another captivating original by the immensely talented and internationally acclaimed John Myatt. Claude Monet's elegant series of Venice paintings are some of his best-known and loved artworks despite only creating 37 and doing so relatively late in his career in 1908. They are renowned for their dream-like quality achieved though his complex impressionistic style, vivid colour palette, and focus on the water and architectural styles of the city. Parts of his series now reside in key museums around the world with one such piece depicted in the iconic film 'The Thomas Crown Affair' in 1999 and one selling at auction for $56m in May 2022.

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