29 August 2018 Last updated at 18:54

Pret’s Organic Coffee

When Pret opened their first shop they sold about 12 cups of coffee a day. Maybe it wasn't very good? Since then they've introduced water filters, invested in Italian coffee machines, trained thousands of Baristas and started to build relationships with farmers.

Organic coffee farms need good farmers - and so do Pret. For their farmers, organic is a way of life. For most of us, it's simply our morning filter coffee, latte or mocha... So, The Pret Coffee Fund launched a farming programme to provide real, practical support.

Using demonstration plots we're sharing best practices with farming co-operatives in the mountains of Peru (things like how to make natural fertilisers, when to prune, when to pick) and encouraging crop diversity - growing mangoes and keeping honey bees alongside coffee safeguards their incomes.

Pret hope this will help to create a sustainable future for our coffee farmers... and better tasting coffee for all of us. We headed out to Peru to meet Pablo and his team on his farm in Palla Pena…

Watch the video here:

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