24 March 2018 Last updated at 11:23

Pret Vs Plastic

The issue of the levels of plastic waste in the environment has recently come to prominence and is one which we can all help tackle.

Pret a Manger have introduced a number of schemes designed to reduce plastic waste and are looking at further initiatives to combat this insidious menace. Currently, they've doubled the discount for using reusable cups to 50p and have set up free water stations for customers bringing reusable bottles. Plastic straws are being phased out and wooden cutlery is also being trialled. Pret CEO, Clive Schlee wants to do more though, and commented, "Countries like Denmark and Germany have seen recycling rates grow to more than 90% after introducing deposit return schemes. So, we'd like to trial our own deposit scheme on all Pret plastic bottles.

The idea is that we would add 10p to all plastic bottles and return 10p for each Pret bottle given back to our teams to recycle. The aim is to understand how many bottles are returned and to see if it encourages more customers to opt for a reusable bottle. We will of course reinvest any unclaimed deposits in future sustainability work."

Clive is inviting customers to give him feedback on the idea - do you think 10p is enough, is this a direction Pret should pursue?

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Pret a Manger VS Plastic