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DM’S celebrate Britian's musical legacy

To celebrate Britain's musical legacy and Dr. Martens connection to music and subcultures, we present an exclusive collaboration with two of the UK's most influential groups. Joy Division and the group that rose out of their ashes, New Order.

Three iconic album covers - Unknown Pleasures, Power, Corruption and Lies and Technique - by designer Peter Saville, feature across three limited edition versions of the 1460 8 eye-boot and classic cotton t-shirt, creating wearable art that transcends music.


No British band has made such a huge impact in such a short time as Joy Division. The Salford band with working-class roots, whose career was sadly cut short by the premature demise of their charismatic and troubled frontman Ian Curtis. Tracks such as Love Will Tear Us Apart and Control have gone on to become cult classics while the iconic wave album cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures has transcended the band to become a famous piece of music iconography.

Unknown Pleasures

Eighty white lines traverse the pitch-black cover of Joy Division's 1979 album which is inspired by a sound landscape from CP 1919, the first pulsar. Technical and sensual, tight and fluid, the mysterious image was quickly adopted as a pop-cultural icon by the post-punk generation and has been referenced on countless T-shirts, tattoos, and other merchandise since.


Out of the ashes of Joy Division rose New Order with members Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris adopting a new, electronic sound.

If the band's early years were somewhat shadowed by the legacy of Joy Division, their adoption 1980s New York club scene sound saw them praised in their own right. Their 1983 dance classic Blue Monday became the best-selling 12-inch single of all time and their involvement with legendary Manchester record label Factory Records and its nightclub The Haçienda means they're a part of British music legend.


This album cover features a cherub garden ornament found in a Pimlico Road antique shop that designer Peter Saville and the band rented for the shoot. Saville said "It's a very bacchanalian image, which fitted the moment just before the last financial crash and the new drug-fuelled hedonism involved in the music scene.


New Order's 1983 Power, Corruption & Lies cover art features an oil painting of flowers by Fantin-Latour from the National Gallery gift shop. Designer Peter Saville said "Flowers suggested the means by which power, corruption and lies infiltrate our lives. They're seductive.

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