15 September 2017 Last updated at 17:48

AUTUMN COLLECTIONS now arriving regularly @ TUTU Urban Boutique

Once again TUTU Urban Boutique raises the bar and sets the standards that sets this quite unique boutique apart from the majority of boutiques which choose to blindly follow 'the brands', without a real appreciation and understanding of style. Sourced worldwide, this season's Autumn Collections promise yet more innovation ... this, combined with the expertise of our sales team, both encourages and assists stylish women to develop a unique look which will set them apart from the rest of the crowd ...

SEEING IS BELIEVING when you enter TUTU Urban Boutique. Rather than overloading the senses, through provision of an over-abundance of images to peruse, we very much look forward to seeing you in person ... this enables us to explain in detail the merits of each of the collections; and how they can be combined to provide you with a personal and unique style.

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